Tuesday, January 29, 2013

So I have been interested in this story that broke a few months ago in Chino Hills, next door to my hometown of Diamond Bar. A mansion in a neighborhood had been uncovered as a “Birthing House” for “Maternity Tourists” from China, where pregnant women stay for a few months to give birth, giving their child automatic U.S. citizenship. Angry citizens/neighbors suspected this had been happening and made complaints to the city, prompting an investigation leading to the house being condemned for operating a business in a residential area and and the owners being cited for illegal renovations. I believe there was 14bd/ba total in this mansion a top a hill.

Since this “Maternity hotel” story broke, other San Gabriel Valley birthing centers have been shut down for similar reasons. Such an interesting phenomenon in LA County, I had never heard of this before the Chino Hills house was busted.

I decided to drive down today to the Chino Hills house after hearing about another bust in Rowland Heights. I arrived to see CBS news trucks there doing a report. The guy told me it’s trespassing if I go up, but no one is up there, so good luck! The place was abandoned but still intact and relatively well kept. Looks like the residents left in a hurry and only took their personal belongings, leaving furniture, TV’s and art/pictures on the walls. Such a strange experience. Felt like a hotel for sure. It was pretty sad actually thinking about what was going on.

It was nice to get out and shoot again, even if it is just to go on this blog. Adventures are always fun.